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EBOOK: Anatomy of a Collaborative Divorce
   A Roadmap of the Collaborative Process

Anatomy of a Collaborative Divorce

Thinking of signing on for a collaborative divorce, or just curious about how a collaborative divorce goes? This is your Roadmap of the collaborative process, designed to give you a quick but thorough overview of what to expect from start to finish. Why? Because when we know what to expect, we do better. We have less stress and anxiety during what is a very stressful time for most people.

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With Anatomy of a Collaborative Divorce, you’ll discover:

  • What a collaborative divorce looks like (the Big Picture)
  • Who might be on your collaborative divorce team (coach, child specialist, financial neutral) and what their roles are
  • How a collaborative divorce is different from litigation and mediation
  • The three steps to take to get started with a collaborative divorce
  • What will happen during your collaborative meetings
  • What issues you will be working through in your meetings
  • Why the collaborative process is the best choice for you if your goals are:
    • To protect your children
    • To allow for the best relationship with your spouse after the divorce
    • To preserve your assets as much as possible from a devastating legal battle
    • To maintain your integrity and dignity

EBOOK: Graceful Divorce Solutions

Graceful Divorce Solutions - M. Marcy Jones | Attorney at Law

If you are separated or divorcing, or even just thinking about it or know someone who is, this book is a must-read for you! This is your essential and comprehensive guide to help you through this challenging time.

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You will find answers to these questions:

  • What’s wrong with the way most people divorce?
  • If I don’t want to go to court, what are my other choices?
  • How do children really deal with divorce, and how can I protect them from the usual “fallout” I often hear about when people divorce?
  • What actions can I take to keep the most cordial relationship possible with my spouse?
  • Why do I feel okay some days and like I’m losing my mind others?
  • What is collaborative divorce, and is it for me?
  • What if I just can’t talk to my spouse at all?
  • What about the house and the money and the 401(k)?
  • How do I choose the best lawyer for me?

Do yourself a favor. Buy this book and read it cover to cover before you go to a lawyer and before you make any more decisions. It will inform you, support you, and give you the critical information you need to be a proactive player in this process. It will definitely save you time, money, and your sanity!

BUNDLE: Graceful Divorce Solutions AND Anatomy of a Collaborative Divorce

Graceful Divorce Solutions and Anatomy of a Divorce

Buy both ebooks and save!

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