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Choosing a Divorce Lawyer – Getting the Right Fit for You (Part II)

In this article, I promised that I would be sending along Four Tips to consider when deciding on the best lawyer for you. I have written about this before in other articles and in my book, Graceful Divorce Solutions, but I’m emphasizing it again because I feel it is so important.

Just as there is no “one size fits all” process choice for divorce (collaboration, mediation, litigation), there is definitely no “one size fits all” lawyer for your divorce. The lawyer you choose will depend on the process you hope to use, so that’s the decision you need to make first.

Once …

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Choosing a Divorce Lawyer – Helping or Hurting?

This week I had a consultation with a man who has been separated from his wife for more than a year and had just been served with a complaint for divorce. He and his wife have been getting along well over the past year, sharing custody of their teenage son and working out the paying of bills and money issues. In fact, they’ve had a number of good conversations about how they wanted to divide up their assets and debts. They’ve managed to maintain a good relationship and even go out for lunch as a family every Sunday.

What has happened, …

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Choosing a Divorce Lawyer – Getting the Right Fit For You (Part I)

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when going through your divorce is whether to use a lawyer, and if so, whom to hire. The lawyer you choose can make a big difference in how your case goes.

Some lawyers are very collaborative and good at settlement, and others are good at litigating. Some have more experience than others in family law practice. Some have been practicing for many years and have what I call the “old school” approach to representing people in divorce (prepare …

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Divorce Lawyers: Hello Noble Profession?

Lately I’ve had a number of cases that have me thinking, once again, about the role of lawyers in our society. There are so many lawyers out there who do a wonderful job of representing clients in challenging situations, and then there are so many lawyers out there who do their clients a tremendous disservice by their mode of representation.

There are a number of quotes that have inspired me over the years and provided encouragement to truly live into this “noble” profession, and I wanted to share them with you in this post. I continue to work …

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