About Marcy Jones

Marcy Jones - Lawyer, Author, CoachMarcy Jones is an author, speaker, lawyer, coach, and advocate for change. She founded Graceful Divorce Solutions to provide essential and comprehensive information to separated and divorcing individuals. Her mission is to be an instrument of change in the way people divorce, in the legal system, and in the way lawyers represent clients in divorce. She is the author of Graceful Divorce Solutions: A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving you Time, Money, and Your Sanity.

Marcy attended Washington and Lee University School of Law after her own divorce and with two young children at home. Since graduating, she has worked as a prosecutor of domestic violence and sexual assault cases and then in private practice. She is a settlement expert and a conflict resolution advocate.

In the often contentious field of family law, Marcy has adopted a very holistic approach to the process of divorce. Because a family is still a family, even after divorce, she advocates a number of resolution processes that do not involve going to court, primarily in order to reduce stress on the family, to save money, and to help retain positive relationships for the future.

Marcy has had extensive training in mediation, negotiation, and collaborative practice. She is a member of the Virginia State Bar, the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, and the Virginia Association of Collaborative Professionals. Her primary goal is to teach others about effective communication and ways of resolving conflict. Through clear communication, peaceful resolution, and creative problem solving, Marcy helps her clients navigate the legal process with integrity, dignity, and grace.